This week, I was helping my Dad go through an old trunk of old letters and family photos from my great grandparents’ family. That night, I had a vivid dream where I saw an ashen-looking man looking at me through a glass pane. Whenever I have a dream with a piece of glass between me and a person who looks kind of grey, I know it is a ghost. I also wake up right after a dream like that and remember every detail. The glass represents the outer edge of my clear energy bubble and the grey-colored face, represents someone in the ghostly realm. In the dream, the man was surprised that I had seen him. He also seemed like a really kind man who was helping hide two people who were running away with their belongings. I had read a long paper that day from one of the trunks, that explained how my family had helped set slaves free, kept a married slave couple from being separated in a sale, and helped the couple and many other African Americans, financially, when they struggled to make it on their own after the emancipation. The paper was not signed, so I don’t know exactly who wrote it, but I am wondering if the writer was the ghost who appeared to me in my dream. This morning, I did a quick tuneup on myself and set the man free from the ghostly realm by sending him into the Light. It felt good to help someone who had helped so many others make it to a better place.
If you feel like you have a ghost around you, a tuneup is all it takes to help them to the other side. Private message me, explaining what you think is going on. Within 24 hours, I will clear it and text you that “I cleared you.” I do not give details with these texts. I just clear you so that you can feel lighter and they can move on.
To learn about my process of “tuneups,” you can watch some of my Fb videos here

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