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Learn How To Do Energy Healing Work

"As a healer, my goal is to unclog every circuit, chakra, river and ring in your energy system until every current of light is activated within you.

Your system can then naturally pull the Light from Source down into itself. I know that your healing session is complete when i can see and feel that your body is floating within your own magical world of light within the world.

I believe that you do not need to go to a school to study energy healing work, but can just watch my videos and practice on your own to become an energy healer. I did not train in any schools, but taught myself how to let the Guides and Angels work through me to do this work."

— Ariel Hardy

The Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus - Lesson One - Ariel Hardy

Ariel Hardy, energy healer, teaches a lesson on energy healing work. In this video, she focuses mostly on the heart chakra and the solar plexus.

Gabriel's Healing

Ariel works on her daughter, Gabriel, in this video. There is a great interview at the end where Gabriel shares what it was like to grow up with a healer as a mother.

Michael's Healing

In this video, Ariel works on her cousin, Michael. He asks her some good questions at the end about spirit guides. During the healing, Ariel clears the energy in Michael’s bracelet, his physical body, and lots of emotions in the relationship river of his energy field. At one point in the healing section of the video, Ariel discusses the difference in being an energy healer and a psychic.

Nick's Healing

For this video, Ariel got a teen boy, who had never had energy work before, to volunteer. His Spirit Guide took over the session halfway through to the point where Ariel could not even draw on the board because Nick’s guide kept handing her more light to install in him. In the interview section of this video, Ariel talks about how, in college, she thought she was going to become a priest, but became an energy healer instead and why.

Elizabeth's Healing

In this video, Ariel removes someone else’s energy from the layers of Elizabeth’s field. Ariel also removes the fear from Elizabeth’s chakras caused by this situation. Ariel talks about how fear can unground us and draws what that looks like in the energy field. The healer also demonstrates how to download Source so that we are out of the way to perform healings.

Laurel's Healing

In this instructional video, Ariel uses Laurel’s strong heart and soul energy to strengthen her weaker lower body energy. Ariel unblocks the energy in Laurel’s right ankle to help her career to move along and flow more easily. Ariel straightens out Laurel’s base chakra that was leaning to the left. On a physical level, the healer demonstrates how she works with a past C-section in Laurel. Ariel spends some time, in this video, showing you how to practice allowing Guides and Angels to move you to perform healings.

Healers' Class

This video is of an actual class that Ariel taught. The students watched her demonstrate a healing session. Then, Ariel answered all of their questions and drew the energy system on the board.

Carrie's Healing

In this video, Ariel spends most of the session on the grounding system. Ariel explains why an artist would need so much grounding. The healer also clears the energy of confusion and entanglement from Carrie’s energy field so that the artist can gain clarity around decisions in dating. Ariel finds and removes stuck energy in Carrie’s bracelet and discusses the importance of clearing jewelry. Near the end of the healing, Ariel uses her own body to train Carrie’s how to run the energy down through all of the chakras to the ground.

Chelli's Healing

In this video, the Guides and Angels use Ariel’s hands to light up patterns in Chelli’s system to give her her confidence back after some career challenges. Ariel teaches how cleaning the crown chakra affects the 6th chakra. She demonstrates how speeding up her breath raises the frequency of light in Chelli’s field and talks to healers about how to efficiently move old energy out of people. The healer discusses free will and choices within your life path.

Reg's Healing

In this video, Ariel helps a real estate investor manifest his career dreams. Ariel shows how to untangle the root system and grids in the crown chakra—caused by an overactive mind getting in the way. Ariel demonstrates how the grounding root system and the crown chakra mirror each other. She explains how the left river of the energy field does not necessarily represent relationship with another person. In the dry-erase board, she draws, what she calls, the hour-glass level of the energy field. Ariel teaches how she uses her eyes to break up stuck energy. By the end of the healing, Reg has wings of light coming out of his shoulders.

Asher's Healing

In this video, Ariel removes stress from the solar plexus of a 9 y.o. boy named Asher. She clears his mind and discusses what can cause the crown chakra to get blocked. Ariel touches on how we can protect our kids energetically. She demonstrates how to advance an energy field as she removes an outdated rim of Asher’s crown chakra, causing the crown to widen, allowing even more light to pour into him from the Angels and Universe.

Mary's Healing

In this video the Angels place a gift of insight into Mary's sixth chakra. Ariel also talks about where the energy goes that she clears from people, some of her beliefs on meditation, what empowerment means to her, and what she is doing when she is chanting. The energy healing work in this video focuses on the crown chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus and more.

Kyla's Healing

In this video, Ariel heals a scar in Kyla's heart chakra. Ariel clears blocks and strengthens the mesh over the solar plexus. She gets the solar plexus spinning so that it can clear itself and then replaces a section of Kyla's center tube of light. Ariel explains the healing breath that she uses and demonstrates the difference in fluid light and the grid system. She shows how the chakras extend up through the layers of the field and how big they can get.

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