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As of August 1, 2018, my work shifted from one hour sessions to half hour sessions. I have seen this coming for a long time and was excited that the time finally came. At the beginning of August, at the half hour mark, the person I was working on was already on a high and there was nothing left for me to do. My hands would release from the person’s energy. This has been really fun for me to raise the vibe in people this quickly. I no longer offer the hour-long sessions.                                                               
Half hour healing sessions are $125. I take Visa or MC at the beginning of the phone call. I do not have an office. I work long distance only. See FAQ
I also offer tuneups which I am really enjoying. Tuneups are how I clear myself and my family and pets. I love these because they are so easy for me to do. Tuneups are quick energy healings for when you feel off, down, or stuck.          
To get a tuneup, text me at 303 325 1990, or Facebook Message me at Ariel Hardy-Energy Healings. Write a brief complaint about what you are feeling and ask for a tuneup. I prefer Fb Messenger, because I can click on your profile picture and look into your eyes in the photo as I clear. This helps me to make a quicker connection to you. The mini-energy clearings take me 3 to 5 minutes, so I can do a few here and there throughout the day, or one after another in one or two sittings. Most people text me back that they feel better already.
The price for a tuneup is $20. I take payment for these through Venmo or PayPal. You can use my email address to find me on the apps: To see me performing tuneups check out my Fb Live videos on Fb at  Ariel Hardy-Energy Healings

The difference in the tuneups that I do on Fb Live, is that Fb Live tuneups are free and any outside of that time are $20. Also, on Fb Live, I am describing out loud what I see energetically because I am teaching. For the tuneups, I do not text what I saw. This is because I used to get swamped with questions and dialogue from everyone who had a tuneup. When I finish a tuneup, or an energy healing, I don’t discuss what was. It drains me to dwell on negative energy from the past, even if the past was just a few minutes ago. That’s the cool thing about tuneups, anyway—they are fast and efficient, so we can keep moving forward with our lives, without missing a beat. 

🙂 Can’t wait to work with you! 



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Or, text me here: 303 325 1990

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