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When you have tried everything you can think of, but still feel off, people call their energy healer. You might need an energy healing if you feel like you are not yourself, can’t seem to get centered or grounded, if you feel stuck in your life or like you aren’t living with an open heart. As an energy healer, my job is to connect you to the Divine, above, the Earth, below, and to your own soul. I make sure the rivers of light are flowing through your body and and that your chakras are spinning.


I offer four ways for you to work with me:

Long distance energy healing sessions: These sessions take an hour on the phone with me. My fee for a long distance energy healing is $250. I take Visa or MC at the beginning of the session over the phone. I am not offering in-person healings. Text me at 303 325 1990 if you would like an energy healing. I have offered this method of healing since 1996.


Half hour long distance energy healing: These sessions are half the price, so $125.  I am on the phone with you the whole time. They are quick, but often that is all the time I need to clear you and reset your energy. This is a great way to save money, but get the same one on one with me. These half hour sessions are becoming more and more popular. 


Divine Refills: A Divine Refill takes a half hour. We talk on the phone for the first five minutes so that I can run your Visa or MC info and get a read on your energy. Then, you tell me all that is going on with you, in a nutshell. Then, we get off the phone. For the rest of the half hour, you can just listen to music or your breath or you can visualize, pray or sleep.I spend the rest of the half hour lifting up any heavy energy in your body and giving it to the Divine. This opens up the flood gates and allows a ton of Light to pour in. I do not text or call during or at the end because this lowers the vibration. Each Divine Refill is $100. I am enjoying these because without having to answer questions during and after the sessions, I can take the vibe super high for you and keep it there. This is how I raise my own vibe every day.

Text me if you would like to schedule a Divine Refill at 303 325 1990.


Tuneups: Tuneups cost $20. People pay me through Venmo at Ariel-Hardy or through PayPal. For a tuneup, just text me what is wrong or what you need at 303 325 1990. Within 2 days, I will spend five minutes clearing you. I text “Done” or an emoticon when I am doing the tuneup so that you know when it is being done. You do not have to be sitting still for this one. Some people set up a regular schedule for these, but most people just text me as needed. I clear myself with tuneups every day. I also use tuneups to clear my daughters, animals, family and friends when they need cleared. To see me performing tuneups check out my Fb Live videos on Fb at Ariel Hardy-Energy Healings. 

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