Have you ever had trouble asking God and the Angels to surround you and shower you with love and blessings? Sometimes we don’t feel comfortable asking for all of that attention! We might think that the Angels have better things to do and that we are doing ok and someone else needs them more. We might feel unworthy in the presence of God and the Angels and not want to disturb them.

At the end of every energy healing, there is this grand finale where the Angels have me open the big crown vortex that opens above and around our head and shoulders, to dump a ton of Light down into the person receiving the healing. Every so often someone will say to me, right in the midst of this miraculous download of sparkly liquid yellow-white light, “I don’t feel worthy.” I’m thinking, “Don’t ruin the moment! It’s happening whether you feel worthy or not!”

When a baby is born, they don’t ask, “Wait, am I worthy of breathing this oxygen?” The baby’s body naturally breathes it in to survive life on this planet. Just as we are dependent on this invisible gas to circulate through our bodies, the energy field will shrivel up and turn dark without the Light of the Universe to fuel it. Once I open the crown chakra in the human energy field, the 7th or top vortex begins spinning and pulling the Light down into us. The Light then pours into the center river of our body so that we don’t feel alone, but feel centered and one with God. The light rushes into the river from the right shoulder to the right foot, giving us warrior-like strength to make big moves in our lives. The energy of God floods the left river of our body, so that our relationships are healthy and keep progressing. The center river of light begins to overflow and fill up the pools, or chakras, that sit in the forehead, throat, chest, belly, and abdomen. As these fill, we feel happy and fulfilled. The Light pushes through the base chakra to the ground and connects us to the Earth so that we feel calm and confident. The Light, then, spills over into the outer layers around us, forming rings of light that spin to throw off negative energy from our environment and help us to feel safe. An energy healing is not complete until this final moment of every healing when we become one with God. Just our bodies have been taking in oxygen from the minute we were born, the energy field needs the intake of Light to function.

People ask me at the end of their healing sessions, “How do I maintain this?” I kept telling them to connect to God, to pray, to fill with Light. They, then, ask me, “How do I do that?” So, I created The Healing Room where I am leading us in prayer and connecting us to the Light through ten minute podcasts. To maintain a healthy energy field, we have to fill with light as often as possible. Instead of trying to figure out how to fill with Light on your own, listen to the audios in The Healing Room where I call in the Light for us all.

This preview is from the nine minute podcast, called, “Am I Worthy”, in the February 2017 content in The Healing Room.

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