When you pray or meditate, do you feel God? And if so, what does it feel like?

God is a fluid energy around us. Moving between things, among us, and through us, if we can get out of the way enough to allow it in.

I see God every day with my mind’s eye in the energy healings. At the end of each energy healing, once I’ve moved all of the heavy, dark vibrations of fear, worry, stress, anger, rage, depression and frustration out of the body, we then have room to draw in the sparkly yellow-white light of God through the upper vortex of the energy field that spins around the head and shoulders.

God’s light then begins pouring all the way through the body and out the feet. When we are out of the way, the light then begins fountaining out of us and filling up the layers of energy around our body. Once these begin flowing, we are filled with and surrounded by God’s light. This feels like bliss, love, wholeness, happiness, joy and calm—like everything is going to be o.k.

Wouldn’t you like to feel this every day?

In my podcast, “Allowing God In”, I guide us through releasing everything in our way of being able to pull the light of God into us. Then, we call the powerful light into us together through breath and prayer. If you would like to hear the full 11 minute teaching and prayer, join The Healing Room and click on the “April 2017 Healings Teachings and Prayers” button. There you will find “Allowing God In” and many more podcasts to help you feel the joy that I am talking about. Thanks for joining me!

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