March 18, 2013

If actions speak louder than words, then, everything we do with our hands is like a prayer.  A prayer is a message that you send out to your Guides, Angels and God. For example, sometimes, i just set the vase of flowers in the middle of the table and keep moving on to the next task. But when i am more present, i set the flowers in the middle of the table and say in my mind, "With this act, i am saying, my home is beautiful; let these flowers clear the energy of all who sit around this table; i appreciate Mother Earth and her beauty." Energetically, our actions speak volumes to the Universe. I intentionally, do things throughout my everyday routines, to send out a message to my Guides and to the Universe. I bought this translucent blue shower curtain and these shower curtain hooks with crystal balls on them. When i close that curtain around me, i am saying, "My energy bubble is a clear blue light. These crystal balls are my Spirit Guides and i call them around me. The shower water is clearing my field. The drain is taking away the old energy from yesterday.  The skylight overhead is pouring God's light down on me, blessing me and filling me." On days that i don't have to  go in to work, i will take a minute to wipe the shower curtain down, saying with this act, "I clean my energy field of any unwanted energy that has stuck to it from other people." When i get out of the shower, i don't just close the curtain to keep mildew from building up, i close it to say that my field has no holes in it, no way for dark energy to move into me; i close it to say that i am complete and whole and healed.  I straighten out the crystal ball hooks to say that my Guides are all in place, in a ring around me for the day. If you look at our actions energetically, it's like we are praying every second of every day.

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