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"As a healer, my goal is to unclog every circuit, chakra, river and ring in your energy system until every current of light is activated within you.

Your system can then naturally pull the Light from Source down into itself.  I know that your healing session is complete when i can see and feel that your body is floating within your own magical world of light within the world."

— Ariel Hardy

Ariel Hardy is a self-taught energy healer and host of The Healing Room. She has practiced energy healing work since 1996. In the summer of 2016, she hosted a 13-episode, live radio show, called “Energetically Speaking”. The show ran on VoiceAmerica.com's 7th Wave Channel. You can now hear the shows right here on Ariel's website. In each episode, Ariel shares what life looks like through the eyes of an energy healer. The Healing Room is full of more prayers, healings and teachings that you loved in Energetically Speaking—only shorter and without commercials.

Ariel is not formally trained in any healing schools or classes, but is guided from within and by her Spirit Guides and Angels who move her hands in the healing sessions.  In the healing sessions, Ariel acts as a conduit of healing light between Source and the Earth.

Ariel can work on you long distance, anywhere in the world, using phone or Skype to communicate as she performs the energy healing. As Ariel repairs and clears your energy field, she asks you questions about what she finds.  She talks about the energy field as she works, explaining what she is seeing in the vortexes, grids and rivers of light in your field.

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