About Ariel Hardy

Energy Healer

"As a healer, my goal is to unclog every circuit, chakra, river and ring in your energy system until every current of light is activated within you.

Your system can then naturally pull the Light from Source down into itself.  I know that your healing session is complete when i can see and feel that your body is floating within your own magical world of light within the world."

— Ariel Hardy

Ariel Hardy is a self-taught energy healer, working full-time in the field of energy work since 1996.

In the summer of 2016, she hosted the live online radio show, Energetically Speaking, Life Through the Eyes of an Energy Healer.

She is the creator of The Healing Room, 96 podcasts of her prayers, visualizations, and teachings, on her website.

Ariel is a teacher on the popular Insight Timer app for meditators around the world. 

Ariel was born in 1968 in Manhattan Beach, CA. When she was three years old, her family moved to West Virginia where they lived off the land by eating from their large garden and heating with wood. She spent most of her childhood with no television and continues that tradition into adulthood.

In 2002, Ariel moved to Denver, Colorado to reach more people with her energy healing work, but also, to get her daughters out of West Virginia and raise them in a more progressive state. She has spent her adult life balancing her two careers: energy healing and motherhood. Now that her two daughters are in their 20s, Ariel is writing a book filled with her parenting secrets from raising her kids from an energy healer’s perspective.