July 7, 2013

Mother-Father God, please come to me. Please remove my worry so that i can feel your presence and allow you in to heal me. I give you all of my concerns now and i open to you instead of to fear. Like the sound of the Ocean surrounding me, i ask that you move your love toward me and around me, overtaking me with your peace. i let go and i give this situation to you.

Please take this sickness from me and heal my physical body. Please lift the suffering from me now. i ask my Guides and Angels to work with me, removing all sickness so that i may be well again. i give this low vibration of sickness to you now. i ask that you wrap a blanket of light around my shoulders to comfort and heal me. I ask my Angels to place their hands on my shoulders to encourage and heal me. i ask my Guides to touch my head to release all tension and to heal me. I ask to be cradled and rocked in the stillness of the Universe. Please saturate my body with the liquid light of your strength. Instill in me your life force that sustains me. Feed my soul light so that i may rise above this condition. I allow your light to sink into my skin. Please flood your light through my lymph system and my blood stream, clearing toxins and recharging each cell with vibrancy and health. Please bring this body back into alignment and balance.
Thank you for loving me. Thank you for holding me. Thank you for hearing my prayers. Thank you for the healing. Amen.

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