August 21, 2013

When i light myself up in the morning, i sit in front of a window or outside. i face the east because the light is playing in the leaves of the trees or through the branches, or glistening on the snow and ice.  How could i turn my back on such a magical energy?  I want to drink the light in by facing it with open chakras.

Because my body is still a little bit groggy from sleep, I say in my mind, or i write, "I ask my Guides to please raise the vibration of my physical body. I ask to feel this now."

I wait.  I usually have music playing.  I am usually sitting.  I stretch my arms up.  I sit up straighter.  I take some deep breaths.  I wipe my face with my hands. I might stroke my hair back with my hands.  (This is one reason i don't wear makeup or do anything to my hair; I want to FEEL with every pore in my face and i want to be able to lightly massage my face and head any time i want.)

So, I have called my Guides in with my words and i am becoming as open as possible with my body.

Energetically what is happening, is that my Guides have moved in close to work with my energy grids much in the same way i work on many of you as an energy healer.  My arms stretch above me several times.  My breathing becomes naturally deeper.  I am not forcing any certain movement or breathing technique; my movements and breath are just a natural reaction to the Guides opening up all of the channels of energetic flow in my body. Often, if i am sitting in a chair, i will start shaking my legs as if i am nervous. This wakes up the circuits in my legs so that i am not just awake in my upper body, but my legs are also charged and ready for an active day.

This exercise can take 5 minutes to 20 minutes. It depends on how your body is feeling that day, how focused you are on the exercise, and how much you have practiced it with your Guides.

I know that the Guides have finished working with me when i feel amazing, like love.  I feel like giving thanks.  I feel alive.  I feel blessed.  I feel like i have a team of Spirit Guides who love me and i love them. This is when I stand up, and together, we move into my day.

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