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I went off of Organic Pitted Medjool Dates that come in the yellow package about 10 days ago. This was really hard since I snacked on them throughout the day and they were the last form of sugar left in my diet. I went off of them because they cause me to have sugar crashes right after I eat them. Today, I convinced myself that I need them because they are so high in nutrients. Before lunch, I rushed excitedly to King Soopers just to get those dates, despite massive weekend holiday crowds. Of course, they were out of the kind that I get. I don’t ever remember this store being out of them this entire year that I’ve eaten them. Another woman stood beside me puzzled. I said, “Are you looking for the dates in the yellow box too?” She said, “Yes. There isn’t even a sale on them that would make them sell out.” We both stood staring at the shelf as if we were unsure of our perception of this bizarre reality. As i walked away, I thought, “Yep, I created that.”

November 6, 2015

Crossing over to the Light after we die is actually a dangerous and mind-blowing journey.  There is a reason I encourage you to stay connected to the Light and to call on your Guides and Angels while you are still here on Earth.  Connecting, not only makes us feel happy, fulfilled, peaceful, supported and loved, but also ensures that we don’t get lost in isolated planes on the other side when we die.

If we aren’t used to working with our Guides or opening our crown chakra  to God’s light, then how will we find our way to the Light when we die?  This journey across is a big deal.  In fact, sometimes I think that every lesson in this life is just to train us how to let go and trust our Guides and Angels when we cross over so that we make it safely to the higher planes.


About once or twice a month, someone will come in for an energy healing to heal the grief of losing someone they love.  When I go to check on the spirit who died, they aren’t always in the light, but are lost in one of the lower planes in the Universe…by themselves.  This often happens to people who didn’t connect to the Universe while on Earth.  When suddenly they find themselves “dead”, they have no sense of direction.  There is no map that says, after you go through the tunnel of your crown vortex, then go right or left or up through the shoot or down a long stairway and  through the tunnel, etc.  Just as there are many layers to your energy field and many layers to the atmosphere of the Earth, there are also many many layers out in the Universe.  The only way to find our way is to rely on our Guides and Angels to take us there.  If we don’t even know what a Spirit Guide is and never ask our Angels for anything, how will we know how to do it in the final hour?

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