Yesterday afternoon, i opened the door to head to the chiropractor, thinking, “Bummer, I wish I had ordered that Pure Wave massager earlier in the month so that I had it to take with me to show my chiropractor.” Of course, sitting outside my door was the box from Pure Wave. Delighted, I took it with me wondering how it got here within two days when I didn’t pay for special shipping. 
As I drove, behind the license with 688 on it, I laughed and thanked my Guides for showing me the last 3 digits of my 1688 work phone number and the year of my birth, 1968. I turned the corner onto a quiet side street and laughed with my Angels as I saw 111 on a license to my left. A woman in a white SUV slammed on her brakes as she headed straight toward me from my right. As I too, slammed on my brakes, we simultaneously smiled and laughed and extended our right arms as if to touch our fingers energetically through our windshields. As I drove on the rest of the five-minute drive, I got behind a license that said AAA for Ariel. My Angels were all around and celebrating me and my love.
This post is not meant to solicit the bashing of Denver drivers. Nor is it a call for my friends to send fearful warnings or advice my way. 
My story is merely to share with you the magic in which I live each day. If you too are creating a magical life for yourself, please share your stories below!
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