January 28, 2017

When you go home to visit your family, have you ever felt like you didn’t act like yourself?—Or that you acted like some primitive version of yourself that you left behind years ago? It’s because you got caught in the family net! There is an actual energy pattern that weaves members of a family together. These patterns were built over time, after the same way of relating to each other was repeated time and time again. It’s why some of us leave home and go back as little as possible! We no longer feel comfortable in the net because we have outgrown it.

Sometimes, around family, we find ourselves acting in a way that we haven’t acted in forever! No matter how much we love them, no one else in the world triggers certain reactions in us like family does. We might find ourselves dulling down after years of intelligence. We might suddenly start acting like we are 10 years old as we have to deal with stupid shit from our siblings all over again. Just when you thought you no longer had to be a kid, siblings can bring that petty childlike rivalry back in a split second! What we are reacting to is the family net.

Let me describe what this “net” looks like in energy form. Imagine all of your closest relatives are sitting within an elaborate spiderweb made of light in the living room in a house. Then you walk in and everyone turns to invite you in, but as you step in, threads of light from the spider web begin to send tentacles, or feelers into your energy field—right through your boundaries! The spiderweb’s threads begin to weave right past your outer layers of mesh and sink directly into your chakras, or vortexes in your stomach, abdomen, or your heart chakra in your chest. Your throat may begin to feel choked as the feelers move like vines to trap your voice. You may lose your sense of power, as the threads snake their way into your base chakra between your legs. Even after the visit, and you are back into the routine of your daily life, the anger and resentment can still linger. This is where my work comes in!

It used to be that you had to book an hour long energy healing with me to clear out the intruding patterns in your body and energy field. But, now I have created podcasts like “Clearing Ourselves from Family” that are only an average of ten minutes long, where you can quickly get cleared and move on with your day! In each podcast, I lead us in prayer, visualization and energy work to reset us from any setbacks in our evolution as powerful beings of light.

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