April 10, 2016

Some Christians praise God and Jesus all the time, as if God and Jesus need praised….But let’s look at why these Christians do this. We are always asking God to help us or to help others, but how often do we just stop to send light to the Angels instead of asking them to send us light?  I decided to try an experiment and try it.

I started with praising my Angels, first, because I have been talking to my Angels more than anyone else, lately, because they move my hands every day in the healing room.  Here is what happened energetically when I praised my Angels this morning:  The attention or focus of energy that I was sending went to my main Angel.  (I don’t know his name and don’t think he really cares what I call him if anything).  He is very large and bright whitish-yellow.  He looked around at his friends like he was super uncomfortable and like he was a little weirded out that I was putting him in the spotlight.  Angels have no ego and are quite happy being in the background of our lives.  But I kept going anyway, weirding my Angel out.  Here is what happened next:   I turned on Christian music to help me praise.  The words of one song were like this:  “You are the eye of the storm,  You are” this and that…(like God needs told what He/She is…)  Anyway, back to praising:  I visualized that i was swaying and standing and lifting my hands up to my Angel.  He started laughing—not at me, but because he thinks I’m funny.  haha.  I kept going.  He left and had a seat in what looked like a throne on a higher level.  He studied me with his hand in his chin almost as if stroking a goatee.  (Some charismatic Christians reading this, are now shrieking, “That’s Satan!!! That’s not her Angel!!”)  I sent light and I gave thanks for my Angel over and over.  I sent blue light rings around his crown vortex (above his head like a halo) and he just looked bored.  So, I gave up.  On to God.  (My Angel is cracking up.)

I love you God, so much.  You are the Universe.  (The Baptists are screaming, “God is NOT the Universe!  And God is a HE!!)  I love you, God, so much.  “I worship your Holy Name”—still listening to and copying Christian song lyrics.  You are omnipresent.  You are Peace.  You are Holy.  Holy Holy is HIS Name….OK, so here is what happened energetically:  My soul left my body and walked into Outer Space…and I didn’t feel anything within me, because it was like I was praising an energy outside of myself.  When we are worshiping something, we are seeing it as separate from us and greater than us.  This exercise, didn’t make me feel happy or held or special at all.  It almost felt like a cold Universe.

Next, let’s praise Jesus, one of the many master healers who walked the Earth…hang in there, my radical Christian friends!  And here’s to my open-minded Christian friends!  (In college, other students called me the Cool Christian, so I get you!)  I’ll start with a song that I used to sing when I was young when I thought that Jesus was the only way to God.  (I have since learned that there are a million ways to God—Nature, for example.)  “Jesus, I adore you.  I lay my life before you.”  As I sing this, the Christian song that just came on my Pandora Station is saying, “How Great is Our God.”  Jesus I adore you.  Jesus, I love you….Jesus, you are the best….Here I actually feel yellow light coming from my chest, like love radiating from me.  It’s like Jesus is an old best friend.  He was a human like me.  A healer like me.  He gets my earth walk and I get his.  He came forward as a being of yellow-white light, emerging out of of my crew of Angels, Masters and Guides that help me each moment.  I can feel the love between Jesus and I.  There is a humanness to this relationship, like we are in love.  We being waltzing together….being happiness and joy together.  Together we lift our arms and hands in the air above us as if we are at a concert.  Light is showering down on us like confetti.  This must be God’s Light.  With Jesus, this light pours into me, kind of like when you guys are on my healing table and I pull God’s light down into your crown vortex and through your body.  My big Angel stood up and is tearing up.  My Angel adores us—me and my friend, Jesus.  We are still dancing fluidly together, without missing a beat.  I am feeling pure perfection—like Jesus and I are alike and my vibration is the same as his and just by loving him, I feel like him.  We are the same.  Now we are like figure skaters—skating backwards side by side.  The light coming off of us looks like we are wearing shimmery, blue-purple silk fabric, like flickering flames coming off of our spirit bodies (spirit bodies are our bodies made of light instead of seeing us as having skin or hair).  He spins me above his head like I am a propeller in his crown vortex (chakra).  As we dance, if I trip and fall, he just pulls me up and keeps going as if I didn’t fall.  We need this Jesus by our side!  And friends like him!

A song came on saying, “You are the Savior of the World”….he just keeps dancing with me….We are gliding like two light beings interacting.  I can’t lift him up.  I try, but he stays on my level.  I try to bow at his feet—he pulls me up and ignores my attempt to place him higher than myself.  He keeps twirling me up into the air, like I am in a vortex of light in front of him and then back down to his level again as we dance.  I love this Jesus so much because he makes me feel loved, cherished and adored as if I am the special one.  Oh to be like Jesus in the world.  I can’t wait to dance with Jesus again tomorrow morning.

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