December 2, 2013

Let's remember, it's not about how much we get done every's about how we feel.  Life will suddenly someday be cut off for all of us and there will be tons still left to do...but, how we feel is coming from our energy which lives on forever.  The goal is to graduate from the Earth plane with flying colors.  We can show up on the other side like an emergency--in turmoil and stress with tattered brown, grey and black energy or we can show up as brilliant and magnificent beings of light, ready for our next assignment.  If we show up a mess, there can be a very long process ahead of repairing our energy fields and learning what we could have done to stay bright. But, if we win in this game of life, and we show up on the other side, ready, then there is so much fun to be had. We can choose to jump right into helping everyone we love on Earth.  We can explore all of the gorgeous light planes on the other side.  We can celebrate with those who have already crossed over.  We can speak to and learn directly from our Guides and Angels.  We can float in the freedom and peace of the Universe.  And, we can experience love like we've never felt before.  

So, let's slow down, put our cell phones away, turn on some beautiful music or sit in Nature and remember how it feels to just be in peace in this moment--let's become the energy that we dream of being.

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