November 29, 2013

There are a lot of teachings out there about the throat chakra, but here's what i have seen: One of the most vulnerable places on our bodies is our neck.  Especially, the left side, because that side of our bodies is usually about relationships.  If someone betrays us it can damage the grids in the left side of the neck.  If someone dies suddenly, there can be a big tear in the grids over the left side of the neck.  If we are horrified over a tragedy that happened to us, there can be a hole in the middle of the throat where there should be a bright and spinning chakra.  If it is inappropriate to say what we would like to say to someone, because we have already communicated enough and taken action, this can clog up the throat chakra.  If we have unmet needs, the throat chakra can be very weak, depleted from yearning, longing, and sorrow.

So, today, imagine a scarf of light wrapped around your neck to heal it...Let's let the other chakras all be strong today and baby the throat.  Imagine wrapping a soft fluffy scarf made of light around the throat.  This scarf is small enough that none of it hangs down over the other chakras, but fits neatly around the neck in comforting layers.  Now let's imagine that this scarf of light is any bright color you wish.  Choosing black, grey, brown or dull colors, can add to the pain, so keep it light and bright.  And that's it!  Just  spend a few minutes letting the light from your scarf sink into your neck and heal it.  Imagine that there is plenty of light to in this magical layer, to last you all day until you visualize it again.  Listen to music...breathe....and heal...

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