October 17, 2013

I have worked with Jesus as a Healer Guide since i was four years old.  And yet, when i meet a Christian who believes that Jesus is The Lord and Savior, I feel like i am now locked out of some snobby club.  I feel judged, like i am no longer good enough to be in the club.  It makes Jesus and I sad, because Jesus walks beside me daily and yet, i am not in the Christian Club anymore. When I was in college, my plan was to become an Episcopal priest, until i realized that there was life beyond Christianity.

I do not see Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  There are a million ways to God. For example, some people, are one with God when they are in Nature, or cooking, or dancing, or running, singing, or in meditation...the list goes on and on..They light up with God's light when they do these activities.

Jesus is one Healer Guide among many.  He just love us, brings us Light, and heals us--so do the other Guides, Angels, masters, saints and goddesses. When Jesus walks into the healing room, yes, he is lit up with yellow-white light and he is powerful. I always admire him like an old and dear friend.  However, everyday in the healing room, light beings walk in with just as much light.  Can you imagine, if one of these walked into the healing room, obviously filled with the presence of God, and began healing the person on my table and i said, "I'm sorry.  We don't want your gift.  We only work with Jesus."  I used to be a Christian, until i realized that i was limiting myself as a healer. There was so much more healing i could bring to people, if i let go of Jesus being the only way. For example, how would i work with all of my wonderful Jewish people who come for healings and who love God so dearly?  I had to grow beyond the religious fear instilled in us to become the healer i am today.  I give thanks that i was brave enough to step outside of the private club.  I give thanks for the million ways to God. I give thanks for how my light can now expand on and on, forever, in a million directions, including people from all walks of life.

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