February 28, 2012

A typical reaction when everything goes "wrong" is to ask, "Why?!" This is a waste of your energy. i get that you want to learn so that you don't repeat the same things that led up to that "disaster". i just haven't seen how the questioning is working for any you. There is another way. Let's look at an example of two people in the same situation. Let's say everything goes wrong for both of them. One person, turns to the brain for answers and stays there for many months questioning their whole life and the meaning of it all. The other person, turns inward. Turning inward does not mean turning to the limited brain to explain things; it means fold your spirit in Angel's wings, cradle your soul. It means: Hush! Be still. This second person lies down in clean sheets to let her energy flow through her and heal her. She lets go and sleeps while her Guides work on her. Then she floats in a salt bath and lets the trauma from the experience move from her into the water. Then she dresses in her softest clothes and prays and sings and cries some more. She makes herself hot tea and hot soup. Then, she buys a necklace to symbolize her love for her amazing soul. She steps out into the world, stronger, brighter, wiser. This healing process can take her one day or a few days. i call this the "The Healing Way". When anything in your life goes "wrong", just heal it! React the way the Angels would: if you invited them in, they would hold you, heal you in a blanket of light, and love you. That's all. Energetically, the person crying out, "Why?!" builds grey loops in their head that lead to nowhere. The second person, breathes to keep their heart open and lets the salt tears and light flush through the wounds. The first person accidentally shuts out the healing light from Source, by causing so much grey buildup in the head that the crown chakra gets clogged up. The second person is out of the way so that the crown can flush out and Source pour in. They will soon be giving thanks for the hardship, because they will quickly advance to a brighter soul center and larger heart chakra. When you live this way, people will comment on the new beauty in you because they will have expected you to be a complete wreck. Say, "Thank you", because you earned the compliments. Treating yourself with tenderness instead of analysis, to me, is the ultimate in spiritual growth. So, walk with grace through this earth plane and every time you fall, just heal it.

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